PRAYER – Sunday School Lesson


Acting – (Tell a child to volunteer to act, while you Narrate the story.)

*Need a bible. 


One upon a time, there was a boy.

This body didn’t really pray, because he thought that God never answered his prayers.

Before he slept that night, he went down on his knees.  

He said, “Dear God, I’m not sure if you’re there. But if you are, please talk to me.”

 He waited, and waited, but God didn’t speak to him.

He remembered that His Sunday school teacher said that God can speak to us through the bible.  

So he opened his bible, and saw a verse written on it.

“Jeremiah 33:3 pray to me, and I will answer you.”

The body wondered why God wasn’t answering him.  

Then he remembered what his Sunday school teacher said.

His Sunday school teacher said that God talks to us in so many ways.  

The teacher said that God can use dreams, visions, other people, nature, AND music to talk to us.

God can also choose to speak to us directly.

The boy slept, and he had a very nice dream.

He had a dream that he was sitting on Jesus’ lap.

He woke up, and realized that it was God talking to him.

God was telling the boy that even if it doesn’t seem like it, He will always be there for him.

The boy was very happy, because finally, God had spoken to him.

The end.


1. What is prayer? *Talking to God, and God answering back.

2. Does God talk to us?

3. How does He do it (7 things)? *Dreams, visions, his own voice, through other people, the bible, nature, music.

4. Does God say yes to all of our prayers? *No, he can say no, and wait, according to his will.

5. Is prayer talking to God? *Yes, and God answering back.



*  Need markers, eraser.  

Play with words related to prayer. Tell the kids to volunteer.


*Tell the kids to narrate the poem, while one of them acts.

Jeremiah 33:3 pray to me, and I will answer you.


I am a special prayer rock.

This is what I do.

You put me on your pillow

until the day is through.


Turn the covers.

Climb into your bed. “BANG”

Your special prayer rock will hit you on your head.


Then you will remember,

Get up and say your prayers.

Just dump me on the floor,

till morning I’ll be there.


You’ll get up the next morning.

“BANG” I’ll stab your toe.

So you will recall, my friend,

your morning prayers, you know.


Back upon your pillow,

when your bed is made,

Your clever little prayer rock

will continue as your aid


If we forget our prayers,

Our days are not the same

We meed our Heavenly father’s help

To reach our highest aim.

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